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J.M. Weston



The story of J.M. Weston begins at the end of the 19th century, in the heart of France’s Limousin region, with its long tradition of tanning and leather working.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • E‑Commerce


In this project, we were focusing on delivering great experiences for the customers using an e-commerce website. We wanted to create a website that helped users understanding the history and value of JM.Weston.

We wanted to create a website that helped the users understand the history and value of JM.Weston.


  • After creating user flows and site maps we finally got to design our low-fidelity wireframes on how the website would look on an IOS users phone.
  • We had to pay special attention to the homepage because that is what users see first and it is the most important one among the touchpoints. We had to find out what the user wanted to find there and consider the most important elements in an e-commerce UX setting.
  • Make it convenient and valuable. We managed to show J.M. Weston's heritage through dedicated categories. From there, users can check the products directly and easily proceed to the check-out.


This e-commerce website keeps the French brand identity while being crafted to a Japanese audience. We delivered a solution that works on various devices. Users can conveniently browse products and learn more about J.M.Weston heritage.
Through the mail subscription process, we are able to see a significant increase on product awareness and on sales.